Orion Advisor Solutions’ inaugural Mind & Market Investor Sentiment survey shows that most investors view their personal financial future positively, despite a pessimistic outlook for the US and global economies.

Omaha, Neb.–()–Inauguration of Orion Advisor Solutions Mind and the Market Investor Sentiment Survey shows that 66% of investors have a positive outlook on their financial future, with four out of 10 survey respondents reflecting their mood as confident. Survey results also show that Millennials and investors who work with a financial advisor are generally more optimistic than other groups about their financial future, the US economy, and US financial markets.

Half of the investors surveyed are pessimistic about the US economic outlook and 52% are pessimistic about the global economy in the next six months. More than a third (36%) of investors are expecting poor market performance in the next six months, with 45% expecting lower investment returns in 2022 versus 2021. Investors indicated their top concerns around market conditions — including inflation — market volatility, and the US political climate. To allay their concerns about meeting their financial goals, investors said they are primarily focused on saving money, especially by pausing on large purchases and reducing discretionary spending. Some have also adjusted their retirement plans and/or contributions.

Orion’s Chief Behavioral Officer Dr. Daniel Crosby said, “In a recurring twist in human psychology, we see that investors can be pessimistic about the broader market and economy while remaining optimistic about their individual economic and investment prospects. ” “Financial advisors who understand the difference between individual and holistic sentiment are well positioned to provide high-quality, personalized advice during periods of uncertainty.”

The survey also revealed major generational differences on topics including the economy, the stock market and outlook on their own financial futures.

  • Optimism about the US economy is higher among Millennials (64%) than Gen X (35%) and Baby Boomers (22%).

  • Millennials (62%) are more likely to indicate a positive outlook on the stock market than Gen X (30%) or Baby Boomers (14%).

  • Millennials (82%) are more likely to have a positive mood about their financial future than Gen X (61%) and Baby Boomers (59%).

  • Millennials (38%) Gen X (23%) and Baby Boomers (7%) to increase investment in the stock market over the next six months as a way to address their worries about money and meet their financial goals more likely than .

  • Millennials (50%) are most likely to consult a financial advisor, compared to Gen X (32%) and Baby Boomers (27%).

Orion’s chief investment officer, CFA, Tim Holland, said: “The optimism among Millennials toward the economy and the stock market is not surprising, given their demographically driven long-term horizons compared to Gen X and baby boomers. ” “Financial advisors who see the recent market downturn as a buying opportunity will find a receptive audience for that message among existing and potential Millennial clients. Finding relevant and timely reasons to engage with that demographic group should prove beneficial to the consultant and their practice in the long term.

Investors who work with a financial advisor have a more positive outlook on the economy and their financial futures than investors who do not work with a financial advisor. Orion’s survey reveals:

  • Four in 10 (42%) investors working with an advisor have an optimistic outlook for the US economy over the next six months, compared to 24% of investors working with advisors.

  • Thirty-seven percent of those who work with an advisor have a positive outlook on the stock market over the next six months, compared to 20% of those who do not work with an advisor.

  • When thinking about their investments and ability to reach their financial goals, 31% of those who work with a financial advisor have a higher positive confidence level than a year ago, compared to those who didn’t work with an advisor. compared to 21% among those.

The Orion Advisor Solutions Mind and the Market Investor Sentiment Survey is an annual study that provides insight on investors’ moods and outlook on their financial futures. It found that the pandemic forced investors to commit to saving and investing for the future and focus more on conserving wealth and protecting their assets rather than achieving higher returns. Other highlights include:

Change in investment goals after COVID

Top Investor Concerns

Making changes to reach financial goals

Investment goals have not changed (45%)

Inflation (61%)

Consulting a Financial Advisor (34%)

More committed to saving, investing for the future (26%)

Market volatility (36%)

Prohibition on large purchases (34%)

Higher interest in asset protection and asset protection versus demand for higher returns (25%)

Recession likely (34%)

reducing discretionary spending (33%)

Thinking more about the impact of insurance on financial planning (16%)

US political climate (34%)

Adjusting Retirement Savings Contributions (20%)

Portfolio adjusted to be more flexible (15%)

Tax Policy (21%)

Increasing investment in the stock market (19%)

Seeking more investment that aligns with environmental, social and governance themes (14%)

Rising interest rates (21%)

Reassessment of Retirement Timeline (15%)

Long working hours (10%)

Health care costs (16%)

Decreasing investment in the stock market (12%)

survey method

TRUE Global Intelligence conducted a 7-minute survey from August 22 to August 26, 2022, for 500 US residents with an annual household income of at least $150K. Respondents must have investments in at least one of the following sectors: stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

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